Helping Oppressed Peoples Survive



What We Do


At a political time when it has become imperative to help and protect our most vulnerable global citizens, H.O.P.S. strives to provide resources to those in need. We do this through connecting the vibrant craft beer scene to new avenues for giving.


What Can YOU Do?

Want to find out more about the H.O.P.S. plan? Read on to learn about the different ways you can join us in working to fill gaps created during this troubling time. Ready to make a donation or get involved? Get in touch! Making a positive difference may be as simple as going out for beers with friends.


Breweries can donate product

Helping Others

Retailers can host events

Building community

Give your time

Fundraisers, chefs, bartenders, anybody can help!

Beer Tap
Restaurant Party Celebration
Bartender with Beer
Barrel Stack

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